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Airy Matte Lipstick [Black Friday Exclusive]

[Black Friday Exclusive] Free Gifts Available on 26 - 30 Nov Only.

Ultra-light matte lipstick with a textured light as air It feels as comfortable as your own lips! #seamlessfit #airyfit #softfit #seamlesslyblendingmatte. The Airy Powder fits onto the lips with an air-light softness to create a lightweight lip makeup that looks natural, just like your own lips.

How to Use

Blend gently starting from the inside of the lips to create a gradient. * The product may feel slightly dry at the first application, which is due to the product’s film-like feature that wraps the lips to give a matte, soft finish. It will gradually soften after 1-2 applications, so enjoy!


    RM54.40 RM64.00
    Color *
    #1 Almond Butter
    #2 Mood Orange
    #3 Coral Land
    #4 Soft Rose
    #5 Pink Cream
    #6 Rosy Bow
    #7 Apple Candy
    #8 Amber Brick

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